January 3, 2015

The Pineapple Days

I can't believe that it's 2015 already. The year does feel different - there is something fresh and exciting about throwing 2014 and my old calendar in the trash can under my desk, and opening clean new one. Hi, 2015!

One year is made up of 31,556,926 seconds- and I'm planning to make every one of these seconds count! Here are my resolutions for the year, probably to be thought of again only on December 31...

1. Ask more questions.
2. Get much more organized. Maybe clean my room...
3. Become a morning person.
4. Practice piano and cello.
5. Do something really well.

Here's a mixed tape for the start of 2015! I cannot get Deezy Daisy's refrain out of my head- "Let's dance, deezy daisy!" (And there we go again)


  1. I love this post, don't stop blogging dear http://zuccheroevelo.blogspot.it/

  2. love your resolution , one it applies to me also : Become a morning person. :)

  3. Really nice resolution *_*
    nice post! Keep on blogging <3

    Francesca http://www.everydaycoffee.it/

  4. Haha, maybe clean room :P I would join you on that one! Hope I'll get more organized as well. Good luck!

    xo Melane || Pure Perspective

  5. Fantastic!
    New post from me:http://theroaronthecatwalk94.blogspot.it/2015/01/first-post-of-2015-nice-look-cheap.html#comment-form let me know what you think! If you want to follow my blog, I will follow! xoxo!

  6. Beautiful!

  7. I just love your blog. The pictures and the texts (even though I don't get everything cause I'm French.)... Really inspiring.
    Thanks for that moment,
    By the way, I'm sorry for the mistakes, English is not really "my thing".


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