December 23, 2014

two thousand and fifteen

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I can't believe that it's already 2015; I keep thinking, this is the last December 25, 2014 that I'll ever live through, and such. I think that 2014 has been both the worst year and the best year of my life, and I guess that this means that I will always remember 2014. I went to Rome, Florence, and Milan this summer, as well as Paris. I tried roasted seaweed and it's now my very favorite food (but it must be salted, of course). 

I also made an apron, a bunch of bath bombs, and even soap as holiday gifts this weekend, and they turned out okay. I wasn't the only surprised one! 
I love photography and film, though I prefer taking pictures a lot of the time. I also really love art and writing, and I decided to create a blog to share my passions for these things, even though I really cannot draw. (My artistic talent includes and is limited to stick figures and stick-dogs.) I'll probably also tell a lot of stories on this thing, because that is one thing I enjoy doing the most. 

Anyway, happy holidays everybody! 
Love, Amelie