March 12, 2015

Let's Stay

Sorry for not being on this thing in forever. But I've decided to actually start writing on it more.  In the meantime, I spent a lot of time living the moment - fantastic concept - and debating whether to eat cheerios or cheese for breakfast - I clearly chose cheese (just kidding. I'm hilarious... But I chose cheerios every time, because I'm going through one of those years where I just can't stand one kind of food, and this year, it's cheese. Cheers!) And also, has anyone noticed that we've made it halfway through the third month of 2015? YAYYYY. Someone get a cake. (Preferably that walnut cake they served last New Year's Eve so I can reminisce about it.)

Lately, I've also been developing a fascination with black and white photography. It's kind of fascinating how nearly every scene looks good when its shot in black and white. And I've also discovered developing film; why in the world and WHEN did it even become old and uncool?! For some reason every film photograph is incredibly aesthetically perfect. OOH, and national ice cream day is on Sunday, July 19. Just saying.
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