February 26, 2015


tumblr_nhoxsbHNWu1qaqv2ro1_500J.Crew Fall 2015J.Crew Fall 2015J.Crew Fall 2015

Here is another set of inspiration, mostly just for photography.
It's easy to blog about fashion, and inspiration, and I think this is why so many people do it. Nevertheless, it's fun to dream of producing your own content that matches all your favorites, and that looks exactly the way you've always pictured your blog would someday look. 

1/ nyfw 15 via alwaysjudging.com
2/ nyfw 15 via alwaysjudging.com
3/ via alwaysjudging.com
4/ J.Crew Fall 15 via becauseimaddicted.com
5/ J.Crew Fall 15 via becauseimaddicted.com
6 J.Crew Fall 15 via becauseimaddicted.com
7/ via theblondesalad.com
8/ via alwaysjudging.com
9/ via alwaysjudging.com

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